How a Pop-Tart Wrapper Changed My Life Forever

A pop-tart wrapper, yes a pop-tart wrapper changed my life forever. Now, I don’t know who ate the pastry in the bedroom and we’ll never know because nobody ever fessed up.

I remember the day so vividly…my step-father at the time found a pop-tart wrapper in a bedroom and of course all food should be eaten at the table and the table alone. After what seemed like hours of questioning my siblings and myself, my step-father finally said, “Okay, if nobody will tell me who ate it then you’ll all be punished.” This is when the shit hit the fan.

You see, you don’t want to be punished by this man. He was and still to this day is a cruel individual. Punishment meant physical pain and definitely some heckling for good measure.

Me, my sister, and my brother were all lined up on the bed belly down and beaten. Beaten you say? Yes, beaten. Not with a hand, which would’ve been more humane (although I detest any physical punishment probably because of this day), but with a board. A board maybe an inch or two thick and about 12-16” long. He later named this “The Board of Education” and wrote it in marker across the board.

Here’s where the heckling comes in. While we’re being “punished” we’re also being told next time he’s going to put holes through the board for less wind resistance. What???

So, I don’t know when the punishment was finally over. It seemed like it lasted for hours, although I’m sure it was more like minutes.

So, you’re probably wondering where my mother was at the time. I can’t tell you. She may have been home or she may have been at one of her many jobs trying to support her children. I don’t remember her being present. Either way, I know my mom was being punished as well during her marriage to this cruel man.

She’d often have bruises and when asked about them she’d say it was from her job. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t but I know I’ve had to listen on the other side of the door to too many fights, physical or verbal to count.

To this day, when people yell, I cringe. I have a physical response to too much noise, too much stimulation, too much yelling…and all because of a pop-tart wrapper.


3 thoughts on “How a Pop-Tart Wrapper Changed My Life Forever

  1. I am so sorry you went through that and are still going through it. I had no idea. Hopefully getting this out will help you. Love ❤️ you


    1. It’s not something I went around telling people. For some reason, I felt shame for having gone through this when I know now there should be no shame on my end. I went through something horrible but by no fault of my own. Please done feel sorry for me as it has made me a stronger person in some ways, (and a bruised and scarred person in others) but none of which is your fault. I love you too ❤️


  2. I remember this day like it was yesterday too. I never could remember what he had written on this board, only that he had done it. I remember him telling us he was going to drill holes in it too. Yes, the punishment felt like hours to me too. I honestly don’t think it was minutes. He kept sending us off to think about what we had done, in hopes one of us would confess. After several beatings, my butt hurt so bad, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was a lie, but I confessed so he’d stop. Only he didn’t. He decided that because I’d taken so long I’d get extra beatings. I got beat again for eating a pop tart (that I never ate) and not confessing in a timely manner. I also don’t remember mom being present. I also cringe when there is yelling. I’ve had to lock myself in the bathroom because yelling has sent me into a panic attack.


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