A New Adventure of Self Therapy

Why am I here??? Well, I guess I should tell you a little about myself (this could take all day so I’ll give you the abbreviated version).

I grew up in a chaotic, unstable, and sometimes volatile and violent home and I believe that has shaped who I am at this point in my life.

I wish I could say that environment has made me a stronger person and in some ways it has. I’m definitely more resilient than I ever thought I would be but

I’m also depressed, anxious, and altogether feel like my world is imploding all around me…

My upbringing is only one part of why my world is currently crumbling around me. Once I was on my own, no longer living at home, I chose stability over anything else. Mainly because I didn’t feel I had that growing up. I married at the age of 20, bought a house at 20, and had my first child at age 24. I was on the fast track of having everything I didn’t have growing up. Stability.

I lived in a small town in Michigan…like really small. A two stop light town. Or were there three? Anyway, it was comfortable and comfortable was what I craved. That is until I didn’t anymore.

I wanted to see more, do more, be more, experience more opportunities. And that brings us to where I’m at today. I live in Orlando (a BIG change from my two stoplight hometown) and a major trigger for my anxiety and depression. But that’s for another post…

I’ve decided to start this blog to give you all a glimpse into the life of someone with mental illness and to give myself a sort of self therapy, if you will. So grab a cup of coffee, a nice comfy blanket, and get ready to know me up close and personal.


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